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What is Duly?

Duly Finance LLC, is a Technology Computing Financial Software Development provider and a Hedge Fund 2.0. We aim to the maximum return at the least possible risk environment. The approach is in most cases conservative and ensures that all investments have appropriate risk profiles, this approach also reflects our fundamental view that investment discipline and orientation values creation, rather than financial engineering, ethical leadership in the financial sector is key on our well structured mode.

The Duly is a Stablecoin Rserve System, a peer-to-peer internet digital asset smart contract currency  Today, called Multi-Collateral Duly Stable Reserve System (MCDRS), is a Semi-Decentralized global payment network, fair and equally collaterally pegged to the U.S. Dollar. The Duly is a reserve system that accepts any collateral smart contract digital assets approved by major Duly holders that VOTE on every risk parameter of the duly project. These voting helps the Semi-Decentralized network an harmonized environment with our communities and AI.

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