Dive Into the New Age of Smart Contracts

Semi-Decentralized Governence

Governance in smart contract through 4  pillars of vote, Executive Vote, Pos-Vote, Ranking Vote and General users Vote.

Duly Data Modernization

Duly Data allows users to exchange data proposals, interact between them and monetize depending on its complexity. Duly Smart contracts validated in any of the reserve smart chains of ETH, BNB, Tron, will be available for any user for exchange o subject to change data proposal with a vote.


The Duly chained accepts all collateral smart contracts approved by VOTE from users. it's own independent dulychained in collateral to Ethereum, Tron, Binance and smart contracts chains validated by vote within the ecosystem


Our Open group protocol is focused mainly on the interaction of smart contract data between users by polling proposal on a form of a vote

We Integrate all smart contracts with our Duly chained  Ecosystem

The Duly Ecosystem manages all smart contracts approved by Duly holders, currently ETH, BNB, TRON are enable for users to submit a vote for changes. The bridge between the duly chained and all other smart contracts enables a compatible friendly interaction across the ecosystem between users to exchange and sell their data.